No Gmo

How familiar are you with GMOs?

GMO, genetically modified organisms, refers to plants or organisms whose genetic material have been altered using modern genetic engineering technology.

These genetically modified organisms, or GMOs, are commonly used in the food industry to create plants and seeds that are not only resistant to certain insects and pesticides, but can be grown in less than favorable conditions.

Animal studies linking the use of GMO Foods and resulting health effects have indicated disturbing connections. Dysfunctional and toxic livers and gut linings in rats and mice have been shown to be directly connected to GMO Food consumption. Immune system and blood chemistry alterations have been demonstrated to be also associated with GMO’s. Health alterations have also been shown in livestock fed GMO’s including GMO’s showing up in the meat and milk consumed by people.

GMO’s have been known to create allergies, toxins, new diseases and nutritional problems in humans. If you don’t trust GMO’s, you are not alone! It is best to avoid them! This is a critical time to understand these detrimental effects and eat responsibly. Take charge of your own health now. The companies promoting this technology are not concerned with your family’s health. Your life is your hands!

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