How I Find Peace in the Midst of Chaos

E8 I think we can all agree that life is zooming by and full of more challenges than we have ever seen before. As a root canal specialist, I deal with people’s pain daily. I give so much of myself on a daily basis that I tend to forget about me. I try and incorporate my health coaching where I can because so many people have major health challenges. It is just ingrained in me to want to help people. I find mostly people just need for someone to listen to them.

Whether I am coaching a client or seeing a patient in my dental practice, I see a lot of fear and anxiety like never before. Just looking at the news and what is happening all over the world is pretty scary. But as a health care professional I have found peace in the midst of chaos. While feeding the body physically, it is equally as important to feed the mind spiritually. We don’t know when to shut our brains down from all the hustle and bustle. Finding that place of peace is very important.

I unwind my mind daily by spending time reading my Bible. In the spring and summer, I love sitting outside in my rocking chair reading my Bible. I meditate on a scripture to grasp its meaning, closing my eyes and hearing creation all around me. Now that for me is peace! I feel my whole body relax as I breathe in the fresh air. When I read my Bible, I don’t look at it as just interesting stories. I believe this book is our basic instruction before leaving earth. I have found over the years that whatever problem I may be going through, my Bible is where I find the solution. For me, it doesn’t get much better than this.

Peace is defined as a state of quiet or tranquility; freedom from disturbance or agitation. Another definition is freedom from disturbances of passions of fear, terror, anger, anxiety or the like; quietness of conscience; calmness. Freedom from internal commotion. It clearly takes a lot to be at true peace. Our spirit man needs to be fed good spiritual food. If your food is not working, try mine, you will never regret it!