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  • In8qib

    10 Rules to Eat and Live By:

    1. The life in foods gives us life Fresh foods have the greatest enzyme activity 2. Plan ahead and carry food with you Planning helps you create balanced meals and saves you money and time 3. Eat small frequent meals Snacking keeps blood sugar levels …

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  • Bad Breath

    Can Morning Breath Be Prevented?

    Morning breath can be unpleasant and it probably isn’t the way you want to greet your partner, or anyone else for that matter. When you sleep, your mouth dries out from a decrease in salivary flow and odor-producing bacteria proliferate. Our brain knows we are …

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  • Green Tea Ice Cream

    Green Tea Ice Cream

    Ingredients: 1 cup of soaked cashews 1 cup of raw almond mylk ½ cup of organic spinach 1/3 cup of raw agave nectar ¼ cup of organic coconut oil (melted) 1 tsp of organic vanilla extract ¼ tsp of sea salt ½ cup of chamomile …

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