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    My First Week of Eating Raw

    People often ask me what is raw food and what did I notice in my body that was different. Raw food is basically a plant-based diet consisting of nuts, seeds, fruits and veggies. It is more than just eating carrots and celery. It is all …

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    Is Meat Really The Best Way To Get Protein?

    First of all let’s define a Protein. According to Medical News Today, “Proteins are large molecules consisting of amino acids, which our bodies and cells need to function properly. Our body structure, the regulation of our body’s cells, tissues and organs cannot exist without proteins. …

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    What is a Plant-Based Diet?

    Most people really don’t understand the importance of uncooked plant food. The green chlorophyll in plants is the remedy for wellness. This is the pigment that gives the green plant its color. No life is possible without chlorophyll, the blood of plants. Chlorophyll purifies the …

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