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  • Fighting Stress

    The Link Between Stress and Our Emotions

    Stress is a process in which environmental demands strain our adaptive capacity resulting in psychological as well as biological changes that could place a person at risk for serious illness. Things that cause us stress are called stressors. These include life changes, life crisis, daily hassles and …

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  • Replacing Toxic Cleaners

    Household Cleaners Shouldn’t Be Toxic

    What we breathe in is so important. The chemicals in air fresheners for example contain synthetics which can cause so many harmful effects to the body. Some of these include Benzyl alcohol, Camphor, Dichlorobenzene, Ethanol and Formaldehyde which really don’t eliminate the odor anyway. Essential …

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  • Eat Well Macaroons Raw Dessert

    Raw Vs Not: Chocolate Macaroons

      With the holidays coming there are more temptations to back to our previous eating habits, if even for just a little while. I will be doing a series called Raw vs Not where I will compare some of the foods that you can have …

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