What about Those Back to School Lunches?

It is hard to believe that summer is soon coming to a close and the yellow school buses will picking up the kids for school. Focusing on what your kids eat for breakfast and lunch will help them have better concentration in school. Of course fitting in at school is really a big deal to them. As a parent, you don’t want to embarrass them so they stand out from their peers if they are not ready to. It is natural to want to be accepted into a group. Finding out what the schools meals are daily can help you provide your child with a similar but healthier version of the food their peers are having.

Try not to become too obsessive about junk food, I know it is hard, but your child could most likely rebel because they are not with you 24/7. Discuss healthy eating and why junk food should be avoided only when the opportunity naturally occurs. Find healthy snacks that can take the place of that junk food. It is all about the taste and presentation. As you get to know your child’s friends, expose them to some of your amazing raw treats and perhaps raw events. Remember you as the parent is the best example!

Spend time communicating with your child and listen to them. Find out their likes and dislikes. Children may leave food in their containers for different reasons. If your child is using a lunchbox, it should have lots of individual compartments for a wider selection of mini portions. For younger children, it is important to cut up food like grapes and cherry tomatoes into smaller pieces to prevent choking. Having them help you pack their lunch is a great way for them to taste a little sample. At this point, we are not trying to make them “all raw” but giving them much healthier choices.

TIP: Eating fruit prior to eating the main part of their lunch allows the digestive process to work better preventing bloating and gas.