Examples of Your Child’s Ideal Packed Lunch

Your main focus should be feeding your child a variety of raw foods preferably those they have tasted and enjoyed at home. You don’t want your child to be hungry at school so feeding them all raw may not be enough. Keeping the portion sizes adequate will not overwhelm your child. Showing your kids what they are having for lunch gives them a since of appreciation and also the chance to switch out something they may not eat. Here are the 5 parts:

  1. Drink……Water, juice, smoothie
  2. Fresh Fruit….. Whole or chopped into pieces
  3. Main part of the meal…. Salad and vegetable ingredients
  4. Savory snack…Raw crackers, kale chips, trail mix, vegetable sticks, etc.…
  5. Treat…Raw brownie, cookie, chocolate macaroons, etc.…

Examples of the Ideal Packed Lunch:


  1. Bottle of Water
  2. Fruit salad
  3. Spelt pasta salad with finely chopped veggies
  4. Flax Crackers
  5. Raw chocolate macaroons (1)


  1. Green Juice
  2. Fruit Kabob
  3. Create your own salad. Let you child pick from all the ingredients in your fridge. It is their creation!
  4. Kale chips
  5. Raw cookie


  1. Strawberry Smoothie
  2. Berry Bowl
  3. Whole grain Pitta Pocket with avocado, hummus, salad leaves, sprouted sunflower seeds
  4. Vegetable sticks
  5. Raw brownie