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  • Raw Pesto Sauce

    Pesto Sauce over Kelp Noodles

    I love eating kelp noodles. They are full of iodine so it is a great food for the thyroid! They are a bit wiry so I soak them overnight starting out in hot water and again in the morning in hot water. Usually that does …

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  • Chlorophyll


    I cannot begin my day without my shot of liquid chlorophyll. It is so easy and it makes sense. Although I eat raw greens daily and of course I try and chew them well, I can say this extra shot gives me satisfaction knowing that …

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  • Chocolate


    Native to the tropical regions of Mesoamerica, the evergreen cacao tree grows small, white flowers throughout the year, which are pollinated by tiny flies. The fruit, called a cacao pod, then grows. It is an oval shape, and changes from a yellowish color to more …

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