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  • Sleepy Pumpkin Green

    Green Pumpkin Smoothie

    Green Pumpkin Smoothie Ingredients: ½ -3/4 cup of chopped pumpkin 3 soft Medjool dates 1 cup of raw almond mylk ¼ teaspoon of pumpkin spice ¼ teaspoon of vanilla 1 small frozen banana Blend the chopped pumpkin in the blender to finer pieces. Add almond …

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  • Ebola

    According to Natural Bliss ‘Living Whole & Pure’

    Remember one key piece of information: Not every victim of Ebola has died of Ebola. That means that some people do survive the virus. Keeping your immune system strong is definitely your best natural defense. 5 Tips on how to protect you and your family …

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  • RFR2014

    Start Off (2015) Happier and Healthier Living in the Raw!

    The Raw Food Institute— the award-winning educational dietary immersion and detoxification center — will host a week-long, live immersion retreat at the historic Simsbury Inn in Simsbury, Conn. January 4-January 10 and March 29-April 4. Founded in 2009 by health and nutrition counselor Lisa Wilson, …

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