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  • Replacing Toxic Cleaners

    Household Cleaners Shouldn’t Be Toxic

    What we breathe in is so important. The chemicals in air fresheners for example contain synthetics which can cause so many harmful effects to the body. Some of these include Benzyl alcohol, Camphor, Dichlorobenzene, Ethanol and Formaldehyde which really don’t eliminate the odor anyway. Essential …

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  • Throw Away Your Microwave

    Throw Away Your Microwave

    Do you really know the effects of microwave cooking on your food? We live in such a fast paced society nowadays where we need things quick and in a hurry. Microwaving a meal means you get to eat a lot sooner with no food preparation …

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  • 25 Signals Of A Distressed Liver

    25 Signals of a Distressed Liver

    1. High Blood Pressure 2. Elevated Cholesterol 3. Chemical Sensitivities 4. Pot Belly 5. Cellulite 6. Indigestion 7. Abdominal Bloating 8. Irritable Bowel Syndrome 9. Eczema, Acne Rosacea, Pimples 10. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome 11. Liver Spots (brownish spots on the skin) 12. Hot flashes or …

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