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  • What Are Superfoods Pollen Goji Berries Blueberries Spirulina Hippophae And Saffron

    What Are Superfoods And Why Do We Need Them?

    Guest Post by friend Kenzie at (Amazing Raw Chocolate Bars) In this crazy world we live in it’s easy to get stuck eating quick food with little nutrition. It’s also easy to get trapped by the processed food industry – even with so called “health food!” …

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  • Simplify Your Life

    Simplifying my Life this Year

    My New Year resolution is to simplify my life. Owning your own business and taking care of a household can be quite challenging. I have a type A personality which can get real intense at times. I have had to learn that whatever does not …

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  • New Year Resolution 2

    Another Year, Another Resoluton: Lose Weight

    There is always another great diet to try that guarantees weight loss. Every year there are more books written on how to lose weight. I have great news, ” losing weight is easier than you think.” But how can this be? Simply making a conscious …

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