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  • New Year Reolutions 1

    Another Year, Another Resolution: Try New Things

    Change can be good. However, fear of the unknown can set in because we don’t know the outcome. Just start out simple. For example: SMILING and LAUGHING more. Did you know that smiling and laughing actually release endorphins. Endorphins are good feeling hormones. They relax …

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  • Explosion New Year

    Another Year, Another Resolution: Exercise

    “This year I have to start EXERCISING” Let’s look at the real benefit of exercise. Did you know that the circulatory system was designed to last over 100 years? Exercise can cause a noticeable increase in your heart rate. Just 20 minutes of aerobic exercise …

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  • Fighting Stress

    The Link Between Stress and Our Emotions

    Stress is a process in which environmental demands strain our adaptive capacity resulting in psychological as well as biological changes that could place a person at risk for serious illness. Things that cause us stress are called stressors. These include life changes, life crisis, daily hassles and …

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