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  • Formula

    The Formula for Health According to Paul Nison

    Paul describes the choice he had to make between his unhealthy Standard American Diet and his illness. He had to be willing to let go of the poor food choices or continue on that path that would lead him to drugs and surgery as a …

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  • Belly

    10 Holistic Tips for a Life-Long Healthy Gut

    This week, I want to share these 10 useful holistic tips provided by the certified Traditional Naturopath, Dr. Nathan Batallion, PhD, that will help us keep our guts healthy: Follow an Alkaline/Anti-inflammatory, Plant based Diet: A plant based diet offers the body what it needs most, …

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  • Acid Forming

    Acid-Forming And Alkalinizing Foods

    As promised, we are providing you with a list of acid-forming and alkalinizing foods. The goal is for us to become more aware of the possible effects the acidity or alkalinity of these food groups might have on our body and ultimately our health: Acid-Forming …

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