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  • How Are You Caring For Your Colon

    Personal Experiences With Colon Cleansing

    **Sign up for my newsletter today to get tomorrow’s email, “How Are You Caring For Your Colon?” From the Health Times International: Toxins released and expelled: “I feel amazing. Food taste amazing. I sleep better and I have more energy.” Alice, Iowa Can’t remember feeling this good: …

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  • Healthy eating

    10 Ways To Get The Most Out Of What You Eat

    1. Never skip breakfast. This fuels you to get your day off to a good start, increasing your metabolic efficiency and increasing your mental effectiveness 2. Chew your food slowly and thoroughly. This maximizes digestion and avoids fermentation and putrefaction of food in the colon. The body can only …

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  • Ten Foods To Stop Eating Today

    My Quick List of Foods That Should be eliminated from your Diet:

    Pork products (links to cancer) Shellfish and fish w/o fins or scales (scavengers of the sea) Hydrogenated Oils or Trans Fats such as soy, corn, cottonseed, canola, margarine and shortening (causes heart disease and cancer) Artificial Sweeteners like nutrisweet, equal and splenda (damages nerves) White …

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