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  • Mint Essential Oil

    Chocolate Mint Smoothie

    Are you looking for a healthy raw recipe that you can use to pick you up and give you energy? This delicious smoothie does just that with energizing cacao, protein, and sweet bananas! 2 cups of your favorite nut mylk 3 small frozen bananas 1-2 …

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  • Photodune 2370186 Almond Essential Oil S

    Eat Well by Dr. Gail Davis Released!

    Dr. Gail Davis announces the release of her first book EAT WELL. The book features the preparation of live, raw-food recipes using pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils. This one-of-a kind book reveals a revolutionary way to prepare raw food using essential oils to enhance natural flavors. …

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  • Syrup2

    How to Buy Healthy Maple Syrup

    Did you know that formaldehyde is used by some farmers to speed up the collection of maple sap from the tree that may be in the maple syrup you are buying? Well which maple syrup is best to buy? What are our choices? The commercial …

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